Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flower Stories

 Growing flowers for the soul purpose of cutting them is a luxury for sure, but we gardeners/farmers know that isn't the only reason to nurture a  blossoming flower patch. We do it to create memories. Memories for ourselves and each other. We do it to learn, share and grow deeper in love with the wonder of gardening. We want and need to be in awe of something greater than ourselves. We need  to witness miracles, beauty and life to thrive. What better way than to get down and dirty with the ingredients nature gave us and go to work! 

I have you to thank my dear  blogging friends for an idea that woke me up bright and early this morning!
I've noticed with each flower post I do, many of you share a ' flower story or memory " with me in the comments section.

With your permission I would love to include YOUR flower memories/stories in my first book titled: 

YARD FLOWERS and GARDEN MEMORIES for the BUDDING flower lover in you. 
 Fall in LOVE with flowers. Grow a patch of memories in your own backyard 

Whether its a simple phrase like Tasos comment below this image,


" These flowers always make me think of old fashioned gardens, where only useful plants were planted. Love that bountiful feeling ". ~ Taso 

 or a three page story I invite you to share them all! What better way to bring a photo to life than a story to go with it?

I'll be featuring common old fashioned/ heirloom flowers and shrubs in my book such as: Forsythia, Lilac, Cosmos, Zinnias, Oriental Lilly's, Sunflowers, Tiger Lilly's, Hollyhocks, Hydrangea, Dahlias, Delphinium, Black Eyed Susan's, Shasta Daisies, Cone Flower, Bachelor Buttons, Egg Plant on a Stick, Phlox, Nasturtium, Clematis,  Day Lilly's and more!

 Let's get more ideas sprouting!
Share your garden memories too! All stories will be considered  for possible contributions to my book! 

 Email YOUR flower stories to: 

Thank you for all the inspiration and support! 

What else would you like me to include? Soil prep, organic feeding and pest control, design for small flower beds, up-cycled garden containers, ways to share your flowers...etc...



Country Gal said...

What a wonderful idea ! I to love my flower gardens and getting down and dirty with them planting , weeding and watching butterfly's and bees enjoy them to ! I love to spend a quiet evening as the sun sets watering each and every one of them as I have a wonderful chat with them all with my Miggy at my side . Lovely photos and post !

A Daughter of the King said...

A garden of memories, lovely!

Chenille Cottage said...

How I love all your pretty flowers! Your nasturtiums remind me of my sweet Gramma. She always grea them and as a little girl I loved picking them. They look so sweet in your big tea kettle.
Have a happy day and thanks for your lovely blog post!
Carolynn xo

Bonnie K said...

Isn't that the fun of gardening? I have so many stories attached to plants. I would be proud to be in your book. My favorite story is
I so love your blog. You are a creative woman. I am going to plant more cut flowers next year thanks to you. I have the spot all picked out. Good luck with your book.

Unknown said...

What a glorious idea! That whole paragraph under your glowing dahlia must be included in your book. A 'spot-on' sentiment! I truly can't wait to see the finished book, as I'm sure you will do it magnificently! And thank you for quoting me, I'd be honored to contribute!

Unknown said...

Thank you country gal!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! I look forward to reading your post and I'll add it to my growing list of flower stories! I'm thrilled you've mapped out a plot for cut flowers next year! It will be fun to watch it grow!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Taso! I'm excited to share these stories and the beauty of backyard cut flower gardening! The first paragraph is on my intro page!
Your zinnias are lovely by the way!

Unknown said...

Thanks dear Dolly!

Unknown said...

Thank you Chenille Cottage!

Unknown said...

Yes indeed!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Yes, I LOVE this idea Deb dear. Focus, focus, focus.

"Perfecting and selling your writing is a lifelong tast. If you are a persistent writer you can expect your abilities to improve with time. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

Persevere! Love,

Unknown said...

Oh wonderful Sharon! I'm glad this idea clicked with you... I hoped it would!
I'll keep you posted as I tap and snap away to the finish line!
sending love,

Snooks said...

Love this idea. It's a good one. Always enjoy your flower pictures.
My mother's and Grandmother's favorite flowers were lilacs. When the lilacs were in bloom there was always a large vase over flowing with them in the center of big dinning room table. Lilacs remain one of my favorite flowers today.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Unknown said...

Thank you Snooks! I'll note your story!

Mary Smith said...

I love all of your flower pictures. They are beautiful!

Zuzana said...

Great idea and so true, I share with you the love for flowers and I enjoy encounters with nature.;)
Have a lovely weekend,

Anonymous said...

I do have a flower story called "Walking Among Flowers" that I posted on my blog today. If you want to use any parts of it I'd be pleased to share, just let me know. You can read at

Debbie said...

As my youngest 3 kids are the only ones left at home and the youngest being 9, this year I have spent time in my flower beds and vegetable garden. I have taken pictures too. I love the out of doors.

María Fernanda said...

Love your blog, I´ll like to share my pictures of "Night queen" a special cactus. You can read at

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