Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday~ Homemade Southern Sweet Tea

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Boy howdy it's been hot and humid along the eastern seashore these last few days. They say water and drinks like Gatorade are the best for keeping yourself hydrated during very high temperature days, (even if you aren't exerting yourself ). Keeping hydrated is very important but there's nothing quite like an old fashioned glass of Iced Sweet Tea with a slice of lemon to quench your thirst on a hot, sticky summer day.
Did you know that Sweet Tea has it's origins in South Carolina? I always thought it was from Texas because my relatives from there always drank it and I grew up with it too because my Dad was a Texan.  It's a porch sit'n drink in my mind, but our back deck will have to do. Today's Tasty Tuesday recipe comes from the blog Dolly ( one of our Farmgirl Friday hostesses) is Cooking! 
 Dolly shared her husband Chuck's, recipe for Southern Sweet Tea along with the history behind this old fashioned summer drink on this weeks Farmgirl Friday Blog hop!

Chuck's Recipe for One Gallon of Sweet Tea

 3 family size tea bags

Put into a pot with the cold water

Bring this just to a boil

  Remove from the heat immediately and let it sit to steep for about 5 minutes.

Put 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of sugar into the pitcher

Add the hot tea mixture to the pitcher that has the sugar in it

Stir while hot to dissolve sugar thoroughly

Finish adding water to the fill the pitcher

Let sit on counter for a short while maybe even up to an hour, it just seems to taste better if you do this.


Add ice and lemon if you like 
Be sure to visit Dolly to get the full scoop on Southern Sweet Tea AND more fabulous down home recipes from Dolly! ( Pies, Cakes, Southern Fried Chicken and more yumminess)!

Thank you all for the wonderful bounty you share each week on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! 

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Country Gal said...

I am a hot tea drinker but have never tryed tea like this cold sounds awesome ! I will have to give it a try since it is soo hot and humid here . We have a heat advisory / alert . The temps are 90°F with the humidity it is making it feel like 111 °F WOWSERS ! That's hot ! Thanks for sharing my friend , have a good week and stay cool !

Michelle said...

Finally someone that knows how to make southern tea. I live in California now. They don't have sweet tea. And for those that think I can get Southern tea at McDonald. That not Southern sweet tea, I am not sure what it is. But it is definitely not Southern sweet tea.

Libby said...

I love iced tea! This recipe sounds a lot like my mom's except she puts a pinch of salt. She's got this thing where if something requires sugar, it also requires a pinch of salt. I love my Southern tea!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

This is sweet tea like my Aunt Sissy used to make, a southern girl's staple. It's too sweet for me now that I'm grown up but brings back childhood memories for sure.

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