Monday, December 16, 2013

Vintage Cookie Cutter Love

 Good Monday Morning friends! I hope you all weathered the snow storms this weekend. I personally loved watching the white fluffy stuff fall from the sky out my kitchen window while I was snug and warm inside and was extra grateful that we didn't lose power!  It gave me time to get  these adorable cookie cutters uploaded to my Etsy Shop !

I've always loved vintage cookie cutters and I came across a lot of them recently that I figured would be perfect for holiday baking season. Who doesn't remember baking with these as a young girl? I remember seeing them at my grandmothers house and my mother in law still has some floating around in her utensil drawer.
These are most likely date from the 1930's due to the hand painted bullet handles.

Elephants, chickens, and other animal shapes are common for this time period also!  

 These Shamrock ( or clover )  and diamond shaped cutters were most likely used for cutting sandwiches for bridge parties or a ladies social gathering " back in the day "!

Stars are appropriate anytime in my book!  

but when would you want an axe shaped cookie?

On your homestead of course!  Tell, me! Do you collect vintage or antique cookie cutters? What memories do you associate with them? I think they'd make adorable Christmas ornaments on a little kitchen Christmas Tree!



norwoodcj said...

The axe-shaped cookie cutters would be used for Washington's birthday cookies in February. Remember, he chopped down a cherry tree?!

Unknown said...

Well, how right you are! :) Deb

Janice K. said...

Greetings to you, Deb! I have a collection that I acquired when I was a teenager. They are like a suit of cards, diamond, heart, spade, and club. Now I have learned from you that they might have been used for sandwich making way back in time.. My husband made me a little shadow-box just for their comfort! I also have my mother's cutter collection, along with her rolling pin, which takes me back to all of the times we had our baking sessions.
My newest cutter is shaped like a dog bone, just for making my dog's special treats!

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