Saturday, December 20, 2014

Farmgirl Friday CHRISTMAS Blog Hop # 181

Merry Christmas, Farmgirl Friday Friends! Forgive us for getting our hop up late this week, but Santa has had me very the last couple of days! Here's a little run-down for ya!
  • Mail Christmas Cards~CHECK
  •  Pow Wow with hubby to see how close we are to being DONE! CHECK
  • Pay bills. CHECK
  • Get packages mailed. CHECK
  • Wrap some gifts. CHECK 
  • Check out a big shoe sale. CHECK
  • Have lunch with Grammy Joy. CHECK
  • Get flat tire fixed on Grammy Joy's car. CHECK
  • Make Grape-Nuts Maple Pudding for Beach Farmgirl Blog post. CHECK
  • Publish Beach Farmgirl Blog Post. CHECK
  • Remind you  there are still THREE days to enter Sarah Hudock's Christmas Ornament Giveaway! CHECK
  • Feed the chickens and give them fresh water. ~ Thanks, honey! CHECK
  • Tell you that Cheri Duncan won Debbie's Cowgirl Boot Ornament Giveaway from last week! . CHECK.
  • Congratulations Cheri! 
  • Congratulate Cheri. CHECK.
  • Thank you all for sharing your fabulous farmgirl entries with Dandelion House and Farmgirl Unleashed each and every week! CHECK.
We'll be taking a break until the NEW YEAR and we look forward to resuming The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop with you all in 2015!

Enjoy these last few day's of preparations and blessings to you all for a very happy holiday! 
DEB AND DEBBIE  ( aka Farmgirl Unleashed) 

PS.. See where it say's, "Get the Code here" below? Grab it and put it in your post this week and share our hop with more like-minded blogging friends! 

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