Friday, January 9, 2015

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 182 and Winter Beds

Now that the holiday season has come and gone the reality of winter setting in has arrived. And that's okay by me! It's not that I love the cold. I would much rather be outside in my backyard flower patch playing in the dirt under sunny warm skies but I relish the down time winter gives us to dream and plan wonderful flowery lusciousness for the upcoming growing season! 


  I'm anxious to expand the varieties of annuals I grow and fiddle with different foliage plants and woody shrubs to use as filler in my backyard bouquets!

 Unfortunately, the 10x10 greenhouse we bought a couple of years ago must come down. The winter winds and nor' Easters of 2013 broke the metal frame on all four sides right at the elbows and ripped the cover so now it leaks too! That's okay. I'm considering a Polly Tunnel for that spot instead.

The raised beds look as though they're tucked in with fluffy white goose down comforters keeping the soil all snugly and warm underneath.

 Terracotta pots wait for spring annuals!

Max is daydreaming about nosing his way into my tomato patch no doubt! 

How are you expanding your homesteads in 2015? Will you be adding babies, bees, chickens, flowers, goats, herbs, or more veggies to your plot?

 Debbie of Farmgirl Unleashed  ( my co- hostess and farmgirl in crime )  and I are looking forward to watching your year unfold and we've got some great FARMGIRL GIVEAWAYS planned for you too!

 Time to link-up and play some Farmgirl Show and Tell with us!


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