Sunday, January 18, 2015

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 183 PLUS a Farmgirl Outing to The Northeastern Poultry Congress

Woot! Woot! Happy Farmgirl Friday on Sunday! I hope you're getting some fun in this weekend along with your daily rounds. I was able to sneak away to the Northeaster Poultry Congress  (from Chicks to Champs ) in Springfield, MA yesterday with my friend Melissa from Tilly's Nest. Here's a great post she wrote for Community Chickens you might like to check out if you've ever thought about going to a Poultry show.

We had a blast looking at all the different breeds of chickens and listening to the roosters crow and the geese honk all day long. Plus we got to meet some of our blogging friends in person too! That's always a treat!

 Imagine about 50 or more rows just like this one filled with all sizes, colors and breeds of poultry! You might think that it would be pretty smelly inside but I learned that the chickens don't get fed prior to judging. They get water but no food until they've been judged. Afterwards they can eat their little chicken hearts out.

There was so much going on I had a hard time deciding where to point my camera. But then I spotted this little gal giving her pet chicken a work out on the obstacle course and I had to get a closer look. Adults, juniors and children alike enter their birds in various categories in hopes of placing high or even winning a championship.

  It was so heartwarming to watch the youngster with their birds. They were so passionate and knowledgeable about their hobby and showed such poise and maturity, especially while under the judges watchful eye like this group of juniors in the showmanship class below.

 This pretty girl is a Blue Orpington. 

This Barred Rock Cockerel ( a domestic bird under a year old ) was quite the handsome fella!
It's a lot to take in in one day, but so worth going ( at least once ) if you're a backyard chicken keeper or maybe you and your children are looking for a way to add some competitive fun to an already enjoyable hobby.

 So, that was my chick-filled farmgirl outing this weekend!

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 Debbie of Farmgirl Unleashed  ( my co- hostess and farmgirl in crime )  and I are looking forward to watching your year unfold and we've got  more great  FARMGIRL GIVEAWAYS planned for you too!

 Time to link-up and play some Farmgirl Show and Tell with us!

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