Monday, May 11, 2015

A PERFECT Dandelion House Day

 Warm sun and a slight breeze coming off the ocean under bright bright blue skies were my backdrop today for planting the last of the dahlias tubers and the first 50 gladiolus corms. 
What a joy is was to be outside playing in the dirt again. I didn't mind breaking a sweat - AT ALL!

I purchases my tubers from various sources this year. Some I got at my favorite local nursery, others I picked up at a discount store that sells garden supplies ( I won't do that again as some of the tubers were  moldy and beginning to rot in the package). I also placed a dahlia order with Longfield Gardens. They have some lovely combinations like the Sunrise collection below!
 Yup. I ordered several of those pretty babies!
Sunrise Mix from Longfield Gardens    
Cafe-Au-Lait from Longfield Gardens
These beautiful buff colored blooms are all the rage in wedding flowers right now and they're simply stunning in the garden and by the bunches placed in a vase.

 Don't be afraid to add these easy to grow dahlia tubers and Gladiolus corms to your gardens this year. It's as easy as digging a hole in the ground ( fertile, well draining soil in full to part sun is preferred ) and letting the magic begin! 

Dandelion House Glads 2013
  Just be sure to stake them when you plant. They grow tall and heavy and need the support.

Stay tuned for my How to Grow Dahlias Post. 
That's all for now... Time for iced tea and a nap.

 Now that's A PERFECT Dandelion House Day!

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