Monday, May 18, 2015

A Sarah Rosedahl Book Giveaway

Cluck! Cluck!  It's chickens and gardening season my friends which makes this the perfect time for me to introduce you to artist/ author and chicken keeper Sarah Rosedahl. I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at the Northeastern Poultry Congress last year. Her whimsical chicken art caught my eye right away and made me smile.

Sarah Rosedahl is an artist and recovering software engineer. After a 25 year hiatus from creating art, while working as an engineer in Silicon Valley, Sarah rediscovered her passion for art through a community art class in San Jose, CA; watercolor classes at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art; and ceramic classes at Hands In Clay, New Orleans. Sarah moved to Vermont’s Champlain Islands in 2012, inherited a few chickens from friends, raised more chickens, started painting chickens and then wrote, illustrated and published
“Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z”. Many of the chickens featured in the book are modeled after Sarah’s small mixed flock of whimsical hens that include Chipmunk and Olive (Ameraucana), An (Cochin), Betty White (Brahma), Little Zelda (Hamburg), Big Zelda (Sicilian Buttercup), Shakey and Janet (Wyandotte) and Big Wilhelmina and Little Wilhelmina (Welsummer). 

Sarah is giving away a copy of Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z to one lucky reader. 
Simply leave a comment below and tell us a little about your flock ( or flock to be ). And, while you're at it, what do you slog around in when you're out in the coop and garden?
Did you know Sarah's adorable chicken art is featured on Sloggers

  and T-shirts too? Congratulations Sarah! Sarah's products make the perfect for gifts for your friends and family from 1- 101!
Find Sarah and her charming books, sloggers  and T-shirts through these links.
 Website:  and Sarah will receive a commission of the sale.
 Chickens!Illustrated Chicken Breeds from A to Z

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