Friday, June 12, 2015

200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop ANNIVERSARY & GIVEAWAY

 Welcome to the 200th Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop ANNIVERSARY and GIVEAWAY!
This Lil ole blog hop has been going strong since March of 2011! 

Each week we corral up the best of the best farmgirl bloggers, homesteaders, homemakers, farmers, gardeners, animal lovers, chicken keepers, artsy-crafts y types and dish up the best plate of Farmgirl Soul-food you can get your hands on in the blogisphere!

What is a Farmgirl, exactly? I'm so glad you asked!

 We are an apron wear'n, family love'n, bee keep'n, cow milk'n, goat show'n, chicken keep'n, egg gather'n, enterprisi'n, farm'n, garden'n and glamp'n, wood-work'n, cook'n and craft'n, sew'n and sow'n, bunch of gals who love to inspire an be inspired by other like-minded farmgirls.

But let's give credit where credit is due. If it wasn't for Mary Jane Butters the GIRL GENIUS behind MaryJanesFarm Magazine we might never have crossed paths. She's the conduit for farmgirls connecting world-wide today via her amazingly popular magazine, and virtual sites she created just for us!

Plus she even started the Farmgirl Sisterhood where farmgirls can earn badges for doing things they love and trying new things to boot! Think Girl Scouts for grown ups! She's the author of 5 books but if you ask her she'll tell you she's a milk- maid at heart. Looking for a backyard cow to complete your homestead? MJ is behind you 100%. She founded the Heritage Jersey Organization so folks can learn more about backyard cow keeping, housing, proper care and how to locate breeders. 
What can't she do?

 One thing is for certain. If it wasn't for MaryJanesFarm magazine I would have missed out on finding ( and fulfilling) a special piece of my farmgirl heart. I wouldn't have had the opportunities I've had to start a writing career in the second act of my life. And most importantly, I would have missed meeting all of you!
 I feel like we are all old friends. Not in a can't control our bladders kind of way, ( although, if we do 200 more hops it could happen) but in the comfortable, heart-warming way you feel when you're in the company of kindred spirits.
That's why Debbie and I are giving away 2 one year subscriptions of MaryJanesFarm Magazine to celebrate our 200th Anniversary today!


We're making it simple to enter too! None of this "go" here and "go" there, " like" this and "like" that.
 Just leave a comment on both of our blogs and finish this statement if you "like" !

You might be a farmgirl if...
" you have more plants than you do shoes "
Your turn! 

I know Debbie ( Farmgirl Unleashed ) and I have said it before, but Farmgirl Friday is our favorite blogging day of the week, all because of you! So we'll keep hosting if you'll keep linking up! Deal?

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