Friday, June 19, 2015

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 201 and Giveaway Winners!

Welcome back to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop farmgirls!
Debbie and I are so excited to announce our two lucky winners from our 200th Anniversary Giveaway. But first, we want to thank everyone who stops by every Friday. We look forward to it as much as you do! Are ya ready?
Here we go!
Congratulations to winner #1, Alica  ( the mostly crunchy farmgirl ) farmgirl sister # 5232. She just had her first meeting of the Southern Indiana MaryJane Farmgirls chapter last Saturday. Another reason to celebrate! 

Winner # 2 is Tammy Taylor ( a North Texas Farmgirl)  from Taylor Made Ranch blog.
We can always count on Tammy for at least three posts a week and her recipes are always amazing and prepared with the cleanest, freshest ingredients you can get. Straight from her farm. 
We know without a doubt both gals will thoroughly enjoy all the farmgirl inspiration MaryJanesFarm magazine provides.

 Let's get to it! Link up and share what's doin' on your homestead, farmstead, backyard or deck.
We know you've got the goods, so bring it on farmgirls!

 I'm sharing my garden notes this week and Debbie is gearing up for her grandsons first birthday party this weekend.

We wish you all a wonderful week of farmgirl fun and sharing.
See you on the hop! 

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