Friday, July 17, 2015

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 203 and Instagram

 Woot!  Welcome back to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop farmgirls. We missed seeing all of you last week. We hope you had a terrific 4th and are enjoying a beautiful summer.

Somehow, summer has gotten very busy all of a sudden. My co-hostess, Debbie ( Farmgirl Unleashed)  has been traveling with her sweet hubby, Mike making summer fun and cherry pie with cherries they purchased at a cherry festival they went to. Keeping up with their travels makes me want to hit the open road ( or nearby ferry) in search of new adventures, but, as you know, I'm grounded right here in my flower farm tending my summer blooms. I've been so bloomin' busy outside I'm way behind on the inside. But oh, you should see the gardens! Well, you CAN see all my latest postings on Instagram. I swore I wouldn't add another social media platform to use but once I got my new smart phone it's just so easy to set up and snap a photo and post it that I'm hooked!
You can follow Farmgirl Unleashed on Instagram too. Wouldn't it be fun to keep up with each other there as well?
Leave us a comment if you are on Instagram and we'll come follow you!

What are YOU stirring up this week? Gather round and toss your post in the pot! Thanks for joining us again!

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