Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Bloomin' Tuesday over at Ms. Green thumb jean blog spot and I'm headed over there  to show off  my Tuesday Bloomer's!  No, not those bloomers... the ones in my Garden! Come see!

There's a lot of mingling amongst the flowers in my garden right now. Hydrangea with day-lilies. I love that color combination together. I'm thinking about repeating it in a different area of the garden!

I'm not sure what the delicate purple flower is sprouting up through my Autumn Sedum Joy but it sure is pretty! It might be a weed....

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea is beginning to flower...And the

Salmon colored Cone flower, Lavender and Yarrow are coming on strong right now too!

The yellow Lady Banks Climbing Rose is an early spring bloomer and new to my garden as of this year. I sewed some nasturtium seeds in late spring camouflage the mound that I planted it in. Today, when I looked I noticed they have tiny flower buds on them! Even though they are not " officially " blooming, I just had to show you the GIANT leaves on this variety. They're like elephant ears! Maybe they like good chicken manure soil!

Hopefully I'll have some lovely blossoms to show you from them next Tuesday!

 The Bee Balm and Clover Root are still teasing me this week... not quite in bloom....

Daisy's in front of the Clover Root add a bright spot to a partially shaded area of the bed.

Potted annuals for a burst of color and some simple fresh herbs placed on the deck for easy access

This mint will be perfect in a fresh glass of homemade sun tea!

We have a few bloomer's at the Cottage too! 

These Rhododendrons were from a few weeks ago. They are just so lush and colorful I had to share them with you! 

The vibrant pink of this Lambs Ear just radiates off of the subtle gray shingles of the Cottage. 

The raised beds we added this year have tomatoes, bush beans, a cucumber bush, basil and cilantro growing in them. The galvanized tin catches rain water for easy watering. 

Well, that's it for my Tuesday bloomers this week!  I'll close this post with some window box beauty!

I hope you are enjoying your gardening this year no matter it's size or location!

 I always say, put down some roots! You'll just feel better!

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