Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farmgirl Soulfood

The rain and gloom of Gray May has finally blown out to sea here in the northeast and we have been enjoying several days of warmer temps and plenty of sunshine! Finally, THIS farmgirl can get outside and get dirty!

 I've been taking every opportunity to be outdoors, spiffying up my gardens here at Dandelion House and adding a new one at the cottage too! Remember the " bare patch of dirt " in the cottage garden from last weeks post? With the help of my hubby and son we were able to assemble these cute and functional raised beds for planting a few veggies and herbs to have on hand this summer at the beach. I brought in bagged organic potting soil to give everything the best possible start. The tiger-lilies are transplants so if you would be so kind as to spread some of your farmgirl mojo over them it would be much appreciated!

Here's a look at what's blommin' here at home!




Meadow Sage Salvia 


and.... soon to be blossoms on the way~ 

Nasturtium's nestled in an old rusty teapot

One of two Rhubarb plants that survived the winter.

Bee Balm about to burst with bright red blossoms... I think I can see the humming birds in the distance!

Annuals ready to be transplanted

and English Ivy that I swear grows as slow as molasses but manages to cover more ground and work it's way  slowly and steadily up the tree trunk each year. Of all the things a farmgirl likes to do, Gardening is one of my all time favorite's.  It truly is soul-food for me. Sharing other farmgirl's talents is also something I thoroughly enjoy so here are Ten links to more farmgirl soul food for you! You may already know some of them from the farmgirl Friday hop and if not, enjoy your first visit!

If you haven't already read: Recipe For a Farmgirl by MJFRanch Farmgirl blogger Shery Jesperson. It's perfect in every way and  sure to put you in the mood for more wonderful farmgirl blogs!

 I LOVE each and every one of your farmgirl blogs. Over the last ten weeks you've made me laugh with your funny farm happenings, inspired me to DREAM BIG in my own patches of earth and even gotten me teary eyed as you've shared your trials and triumph's along the way. From mouth watering recipe's to birthing goats and everything in between,( dandelion jelly, baby chicks, horses' galore, baking bread, and chatting over the garden gate)  it's been an amazing TEN weeks of farmgirl fun! I'm really looking forward to your summer farmgirl entries, as your garden's continue to grow  with the promise of a bountiful fall harvest! We can dream right? 

Thank YOU for all you share! 
What's YOUR favorite kind of farmgirl soul food?

PS. If you've been linking up on Fridays from Verde Farm please know that Amy is taking a little blogging break and you're most welcome to come by and link to Farmgirl Friday! We would love to see you there! 

linking to: Homestead Barnhop and Fishtail Cottage.

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