Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scrap Stone Patio FINITO

 It's been a long time coming! Those of you who've been following for a year or more have seen snippets of this project from time to time. Today we are happy to tell you that after three years of picking away at our UP-cycled  Scrap Stone Patio my handsome Yankee can finally check this big project off of his list! He has worked for an international stone importer/retailer for the last ten years and being drawn to dumpsters the way he is, he came up with the idea for using scrap pieces of granite normally used for counter tops, kitchen islands and bathroom vanities as a patio surface. Fabricators have loads ( literally ) of scrap stone they have to dispose of each week and they were happy to see it go to good use.

The stone was free but what a laborious job! He was out there whenever he had spare time picking away at his project.

 Here he is last winter working on the rock retaining wall with a fire going and hot coffee at the ready!

 Here you can see the stone dust he laid down for the slab pieces as well as the rocks for proper drainage underneath the stone wall. 
Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Getting close to the end of  laying the stone.

Because our patio is a large circle each edge piece had to be cut to size to fit the curve.


 The over all design is random because each slab piece varies in colors ranging from gray, charcoal, tan, brown, red and black. Because the scraps were left over from large slab pieces cut for inside jobs most of it is polished on one side to bring out the colors in the granite.

 In this outside application the pieces were turned over so the underside is the surface. We love the look of it this way and it's not slippery when wet!

Here is our Council Ring Patio this fall after a light rain. 

Now, I can dream up what to plant around it to soften the edges ( isn't that just what we girls do ) of his wonderful project. The Yankees got SKILLS! In other words, my FARMBOY ROCKS!

I'm thinking about adding pink or red Knock Out roses above the wall. What do you think ?

COST: The most expensive part of this project was the wall. We used almost two full pallets of stone to build the rock wall. $550.00 delivered
Stone dust and gravel : 150.00 delivered 

The Saw: Boz purchased the saw at a used tools place for $40.00 and bought two additional wet saw blades for $20.00 each. 
 Additional Supplies: Sound Proof Headphones, Knee Pads and a Face Mask.  

A patio of this size  " retail " could cost up to 12,000 dollars in our area. Walkways, garden pathways and small sitting areas outdoors would be great places for Scrap Stone too! If you like this idea, find your local Stone Fabricators and pay them a visit. They just might be willing to let go of some scrap stone for you too!

I think you all need to come over for a big garden party to celebrate!  
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