Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chicken- Sicles

Do your chickens like snow? Ours don't. I wish I knew what they were thinking when they peak out into the run to find it covered in that strange white stuff that falls from the sky! One thing I know for sure is that they WILL NOT come out of the coop after a snow storm for ANYTHING. If one of us doesn't clear a path from the house to the water feeder they'll sit inside ALL day. Today I trudged through the snow out to the Hen House ( CAMERA IN HAND ) for another lesson in Chicken Keeping 101. Here's how it went...
WARNING! Lots of photos ahead! 

Stevie the" rebel chick " was the first one out! I wasn't surprised. She was always escaping before we clipped her wings. 

Next up was Lucy. She was very curious but held this pose for a few minutes before deciding the coast was clear! After all, Stevie had survived all the way to the bottom of the ramp. Maybe it would be okay for her too? 

Not quite ready...

Oh, just go for it already! ( says I, as I'm crouching with my bum in the snow getting colder by the minute )

Finally she makes the leap! Penny and Gladys are waiting in the wings still thinkin' about it.

Liza pushes her way forward and joins Gladys in scouting things out.

Liza decides to make run for it!

She's quickly followed by Blondie while Stevie and Lacy (who just fluffed her feathers to help cheer them on) wait at the bottom of the ramp. All the while, I'm still crouching, and calling to the girls in my best chicken voice... Here, chic chic chic... come on girls..... chic pretty girls.... chic chic chic...when suddenly I feel something hit the front of the camera then skim the top of my head!

  I'll give Blondie credit. That's one way to avoid the snow!

I'm pretty sure these two are in cahoots! I'm not sure what they're planning but I know they're  definitely up to no good! Liza's ( the brunette ) the more adventurous one. I think she might be trying to talk Lucy into getting a tattoo. I overheard her say, "  nothing too flashy, just a little something around the ankle would be nice ".

Gladys is working up some courage after watching the other girls.

But, she never made the leap! She stayed inside with the other " chickens " 
Chestnut, Hazel, Lacy Lou, and Penny. Well, at least I know they aren't headed off  to the nearest tattoo parlor!
( Not that there's anything wrong with that  )

*The best thing to do for your girls ( and boys ) when it snows is to clear a path for them. If they can see some bare ground, they'll feel much more comfortable about coming out of the coop. Make sure you give them plenty of fresh water every day even in winter. We've still not invested in a heater for our water feeder so I bring it out fresh every day. I don't mind. It just gives me another reason to go out for a visit and make sure they are all doing okay. I also add more shavings to the coop for extra warmth during the colder months. Picked some up today!

So, tell me. Are your chickens " chicken " too when it comes to snow? 

I'm off to dosado with the Barn Hop folks! 

PS. no human, chicken or camera was injured in the making of this post!

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