Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chuck It

Pretty girl Blondie

  I know what you're thinking. Mother Hen is writing a post about DE-cluttering, purging, donating,  and in general, getting her "organizational act" together for the coming new year. Well, I CAN tell you that the girls and I heard some whispers about a new food pantry for the kitchen created from a Pottery Barn T.V. armoir and that she IS going to blog about it VERY SOON of-course, but not today!
 Max was after her to play a new game. She told us all about it when she came out to visit this morning and do chores. Oh, here she comes now...

Today was clear and sunny but very cold so I headed out to the Little Red Hen House right after my cup of morning Joe to check on the Cottage Hens and say hello...

Pretty girl Liza
The girls seem to be " feathering " the winter quite well. I can't believe we are still getting one or two eggs a day this late into winter. A sure sign of more to come! 

 Pretty girl Lacy Lou nice an toasty inside the Hen House
 I found the water was frozen, one egg in a nesting box and there was still a bit of food in the feeder so I got to work getting the girls all settled in for a nice winters day when suddenly I heard some loud barking and low growling...

 Really Max? How am I ever supposed to get to my pantry project let alone blogging about it if I'm out here three times a day playing CHUCK IT with you? Don't give me those puppy dog eyes! Oh alright! Let's play!




                                                                      LAST ONE!

All done! Now I can get back to work...

Have I told you how much I love my MAX ? TO THE MOON AND BACK!

He's a Welsh Pembroke Corgi from the herding group and just a wonderful family dog!

PS. we got Max his Chuck It toy at the local Tractor Supply... Where else?

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