Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ORANGE Flower Power

I stepped outside this morning under a cloudy sky to check on the garden and look what I found! The Salmon Cone-flower is in full bloom! Most people are familiar with the more common pink color of this old fashioned perennial favorite and I've planted some of those too, but I fell in love with this color when I spotted it at a local nursery a few years back. I think this is its best year so far!

The petals look like little mini scoops before they unfold.

Who says pink and orange don't go together?  Don't you just love all the color in summer clothes this year? Even my hubby is wearing brights this season. He picked up a polo shirt the exact color of the orange in this cone flower! Handsome indeed!

Here they are making a splash in a sea of GARDEN green! Besides being pretty in the garden Cone-flowers attract birds ( hummingbirds ) and butterflies to your garden providing nourishment all season long.  Birds,Squirrels and racoons look for the seeds of cone flower in wintertime so be sure to leave cutting back the seed pods until early spring.

The Tiger Lilllie's are in bloom too! I love how they spice up an other wise cooler pallet in the deck garden. 

How about you? Do you go for softer shades or do you like to heat things up in your gardens with spicy colors too? Coming Soon:! Red Dahlias, Sunflowers, Bee Balm and more!!!

I'm taking these hot blossoms to An Oregon Cottage Tuesday Garden Party!

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