Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Petals & Puddles

Hello Friends! I hope this post finds you all busy with the joys of June! 
We've been cooped up all weekend due to a tropical storm that blew through southern New England. Oh, it wasn't all that bad. I caught up on my stack of mail, we played scrabble and my hubby made his famous family waffles for Sunday breakfast... Sorry, they disappear so fast I can't get a picture of them to show you just how amazing they are but I promise a blog- worthy photo with recipe next time! Pinky swear. As I " pen " this note we are still under cloud cover. The rains have all but stopped minus a few droplets here and there. Along with the wet weather, we've had cooler temps too! Today we've only had a high of 54 degrees. Do you think I've been just a little worried about my precious transplants?
Um mm, yeah!!! 
It was finally dry enough to get outside and work today. I couldn't wait to get out there for a closer look!  
Do you see what I see?

Just look at the leaves on this Dahlia plant! It appears that slugs like to chew on the tender new growth. Have you ever seen a flying slug? I don't have a picture of the one I picked off of this plant and flicked out into the grass. After all my planning, dreaming and hard work, I'm not about to lose my plants to pests! 
I've sprayed everything with NEEM 11. which can be used on flowers, veggies, fruit trees, roses and shrubs. It can be sprayed until day of harvest.

 After all this rain, I'll definitely need to reapply and I'm considering a stake out at night for an old fashioned slug- watch! Wanna come?

 I finished filling the last of 8 raised beds for my cut flowers! Here's a glimpse of what's coming up in two of the beds!
Sunflowers Seedlings
And the rest of the garden too!

 The top photo ( and the one below ) is from my favorite Clematis vine which is in full bloom right now.

The leaves on both of these plants have an herb-y ( is that a word ) fragrance that can be smelled from several feet away especially after a late spring rain. 

Yarrow and Catmint ( giant )

Knockout Rose
Oak Leaf Hydrangea

English Lavender  
Sedum Autumn Joy
Sink Garden 2012
I hope you enjoyed this episode of Petals and Puddles...

~ until our next visit over the garden gate...

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