Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Petal Pusher

Sunflower Drop Dead Red Seeds 
I know, I KNOW! All I talk about is FLOWERS. Are you bored to tears with my relentless petal pushing and non stop flower posts? If so, please accept my apologies for being so completely in love with my backyard bloomers! Did you hear that? The zinnia's are pushing through the sunflowers to the front of the line for today's flower show! ( show offs )

Cut and Come Again Zinnia

I love the Cut and Come again Zinnia!  Each blossom is unique! 

Some have golden halos of flowers in the center that look almost like a crown.

Notice how no one petal is the exact color as the next... Nature is the all time master artist!

If you ever wondered if certain colors go together, look at a flower up close for inspiration! Brighten up your wardrobe, home decor and your garden with color from the garden.

 This one reminds me of a frosted layer cake! 

 WAIT JUST A MINUTE Sunflowers... Where are your manners?

 Sunflowers leave me speechless...They're even pretty from behind! 

That's all for today folks... I'll be back with more blooms tomorrow! 

 You can run but you can't hide...

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