Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Wish You More

I just finished reading the most INSPIRING book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention... My hubby brought it home from the library because the tag-line grabbed his attention.  Learning how to co-create your life.  It got mine too! I decided to read it first and I couldn't put it down. This book was so enlightening, and refreshing that I am recommending it to all my readers in the spirit of it being a New Year with endless possibilities for us all.

The world has thrown some pretty un-settling stuff our way over the last several years and so many people are just trying to keep their heads above water. Dr. Wayne Dyer believes we are capable of so much more than that. He says, if we could all just tune into a higher frequency more often we would know what it is that inspires us, brings us joy and gives us the energy to keep going in the hopes that by us sharing our gifts with the world, the world will be more like what we all want it to be... a place of peace, love, beauty and abundance for all... He offers his readers new ways of thinking and acting for opening their own door's to living on purpose. 

Being the eternal optimist that I am I whole heartedly agree with him. I believe in the power of intention, positive thinking, giving more than we ask for and trusting that everything will and always does work out for the best. I can't tell you how many times I have been accused of wearing " Rose Colored Glasses" throughout my life... My second grade teacher wrote a note to my parents stating that I was a pleasure to have in class but  that I daydreamed too much!  It's all true! I take frequent trips into "Deb's World" as my family so lovingly calls it.  I jokingly tell them all  they should try wearing my glasses for a while and go where I go... In reality, I hope that they keep looking to find new ways of self expression that  bring them joy. 
                This is my hope for you too!   

Here are just a few "Inspired Living Tips" from Dandelion House to get you headed in the right direction!

  • give your time to a child, an elder who needs care or a sick relative... If you are healthy and high on life, your faith will bring hope and strength to those who need it when theirs is low. No preaching needed... your presence will be enough...Volunteer at your local hospital, food pantry,  favorite organization or right in your own backyard. Pratice generosity. Give away something that is meaningful to you to a  friend or loved one with out any attachment what so ever.. Try it! It is quite freeing!
 ~  give with your heart.. not your head... and expect nothing in return. You will be replenished in joy. This makes you stronger, shine brighter and able to spread more joy where ever you go!

~ Love everything more starting with yourself by honoring the gifts you already know you have... Exercise and hone them. This will prepare you for more  good work to come! Give your spouse a break and love them more too! They aren't perfect and neither are you..:) Love your kids to pieces. Show them that you are intersted in them, pay attention to their longings and desires for self- expression... Their time with you is their training ground for the bigger version of themselves. It's the only foundation they will ever receive. Make it a solid one but allow some flexibility...After all, they are works in progress! Teach them to "make a good noise" in the world.

Show them kindness, gratitude, creativity in action and some sweat too. It takes lots of love, work, persistence and divine guidence to create a human masterpiece! 

~ Anything! Yummy wholesome food for yourself and your family. A special corner for just you so you can shed the tough skin you wear through out the day and be more open to " inspiration" calling you. Listen to what it tells you to do.... this is the first step in being more in tune with your " purpose"...The most fun place to start honoring your new " inspirations" are through creative expression. Maybe you always wanted to play a musical instrument, paint or draw, visit a local gallery, take an art class, grow a garden, visit an art museum, go on a writers or artists retreat weekend, or an educational seminar for a career you are already thriving in. 

 Keep the passion alive! Follow the muse! You never know where it might lead... That's half the fun of the adventure!

I wish you more~

Deborah Jean Bosworth

Hand Made Cards by~  Artist in residence, Nicolette Bosworth
Nicolette made these fun and inspiring "Thanksgiving" cards for our friends and family this year. She made her own version of an Origami Turkey then placed them on scrap book paper which was attached to card stock. I think they're just adorable and the sayings are appropriate year 'round don't you think?

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