Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Corgi Christmas

We didn't know much about Corgis other than the cute stories we had read about them in Tasha Tudor's Corgiville Christmas.We loved all of her story books and I became especially intrigued by her life as an artist on her very own idealic farm. When it came time ( or should I say, when we finally caved in and said YES to a dog ) we did our homework and decided that Corgis were the dog for us. Medium in size, big in brains, and energetic enough for long walks on the beach, but loyal enough to be a much loved family companion.

To say we lucked out when we found  Anne Bowes of Heronsway Pembroke Welsh Corgis is a true understatement. We had no idea we had stumbled upon a master Corgi Breeder. As we sat in her " puppy room"  watching them play she taught us about " all things Corgis ". Over the course of a few visits we learned everything from personality traits to trimming nails. When the day finally came for us to bring Max home she sent us on our merry way with a puppy book filled with his first puppy photos, training tips, diet and exercise requirements, health records and of course his very impressive blood line chart.
We were more prepared to bring a puppy home than we were our first born!

She especially understood our daughters passion for dogs.

She herself was a love sick girl for puppies and has made it her lifes work to breed excellent dogs as well as make little girls and boys dreams of owning a dog of their own a dream come true.  It just so happens that Tasha Tudor had actually owned some of Anne's Corgis! What serendipity! After our first meeting we were sold! And then we waited... and waited... for  just the right one!

First Christmas with Max

In Sinc

Posing for D.Q. Magazine

Who knew that a story book would have led to us having our very own Corgi? Inspiration comes from everywhere. Our daughter tells us all the time that her empty spot is filled now that she has her puppy.
Getting Max was truly a Christmas gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Keep your heart open so you can hear what beats in your child's~

 as Tasha was known for saying ~

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Sharon Lovejoy said...

I LOVE THIS posting. I can just see Nicolette melting into the puppy arms (legs) and vice-a-versa. What a wonderful meeting it must have been.

Sending love, love,


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