Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Seasonal Sojourn ~ Jack Dickerson Art

Two Row Boats, Bright Marshes
Dandelion House is all about spreading the seeds of inspiration and I was honored when Jack accepted my invitation to share just a smidgeon of his work with you here.

 It was through his equally talented wife Kate Dickerson's monthly emails advertising her boutique and design services that I became aquainted with his beautiful and inspirational paintings. They are quite a creative pair! The boutique has been sold, but you can visit Kates blog's to see what she and Jack are cooking up these days in their French Country Kitchen!

Blue Birches on Rust

Jack gets excited about his work and loves to share it. I like that about him! I don't think of it so much as "self-promotion" but more of a generous gesture on the artist's part to share his creations in hopes of inspiring others. I connected with his sense of optimism and hope right away. I love the way he stretches natures reality in his bold use of color while leaving the viewer (at least this viewer) feeling calm and happy. I began getting regular emails from Jack whenever he completed a new painting (that's how prolific an artist he is) and I always look forward to them.

       Southport, ME Sunrise             

CREATIVITY ~ Nothing would evolve and change without creativity - a unique power which is worth uncovering in each of us. (Jack Dickerson)

              Marching Trees            

   CONFIDENCE ~ Trust your inner confidence, and feed it with hard, dedicated work and determination, and the willingness to fail. That inner confidence is there. It is inside all of us, even when we do not realize it. Do not undermine it. It is one of the most powerful drivers. (Jack Dickerson)

Four Rowboats at World's End 

"Jack’s reflections on his natural surroundings give full expression to his impressionist interpretation--his images simple, strong, graphic and full of light."

Ready and Waiting~

Artist's Statement

"I paint things, not as they are, but how I feel about them. I paint from the inside out."

"I paint from the inside out. Over time my memory has stored snapshots of all kinds of events, impressions, reactions, emotions, experiences and insights. Certain visuals I see in the present, every day, create a powerful connection with those snapshots from the past. It is mostly from these connections that new images and emotions emerge for my canvases. As my life unfolds, so do my paintings. My large bodies of work come mostly from inside out. It reveals my energy, challenges, feelings, beliefs, and sense of purpose.

My paintings are my personal stories. Collectors and critics alike say they are calming, uplifting, positive and healing. For that I am thankful.”

Dickerson Talks About His Painting and How He Leads His Life As an Artist

Thank you Jack!

Deborah Jean

* I'm happy to share this recycled post from last February with all of you again. Be sure to check out Jacks links in this post to see " new works " by him. He has moved to Cape Cod and I can only imagine what new inspirations are working on him in his new location.


16 Sassy Street said...

Hey Deb!!! What beautiful artwork! Love the soft, serene colors. Hope all is well with you! I have been VERY busy getting ready for an art/antique show and have not done much blogging lately. Hope to get back in to the swing of things soon! :)

Kate Dickerson said...

Hi Deborah Jean -

My goodness! I just discovered your lovely post, completely by accident. How kind of you to write about both Jack and me. I also really like YOUR blog, so have put a link to it on my own blog.

Happy New Year, Kate

. said...

Wow! thank you o much for reposting my work. u r a gem! Happy new year! Come and visit us in our new studio on the Cape.. in Brewster! Jack

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