Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let Freedom Ring~

Let  Freedom Ring~

Never Forget~ I hope you had a moment over the long weekend to stop and stand silent, near a raised flag, at your hometown parade, a back yard BBQ or while visiting at a cemetery to remember our soldier's, their families, and their sacrifice for the freedom we hold so dear. We are FREE everyday we live in America and that is how often I feel grateful to be an American.

Our family had the honor of witnessing this amazing Flag Ceremony on Armed Forces Day last May. The National Flag Truck came to honor our Veterans and to ring in the 275th Anniversary of the Town of  Halifax, MA. 
Patriotic music played as our soundtrack against a misty, foggy early morning sky as the 5 foot ball size flags were unfurled and held above the ground by the people who came to honor our veterans and our country.

The turn out was fantastic.! People showed their patriotism and support for our troops by carrying the flags across the golf course green, careful to keep them from hitting the ground. It was great to see so many families there with their young children who also had a hand in the ceremony by standing under the flags and holding them as high as they could...

 A reminder to us all to always hold our country close to our hearts and to share our patriotism with our children as often as we can.

Yep, the BOY SCOUTS of America were there too!
Be sure to visit the The National Flag Truck link. It's amazing to see how far and wide this truck travels to spread the message of patriotism.  If they're coming to a town near you...

 You won't want to miss it!

God Bless America~

All photos taken by David Bosworth ( my hubby) of Boz Scenes Photography.

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