Friday, June 25, 2010


I've had more fun getting to know author, lecturer and illustrator Sharon Lovejoy  in blog land this year! I have loved and been inspired by her books since our children were little. It all started with a post I wrote about connecting kids with nature and my mention of her book ROOTS SHOOTS BUCKETS AND BOOTS! She found me and left a sweet comment and that was the beginning of a new and wonderful friendship!

Not only is she an amazingly talented gal, but she's a busy one too!  I followed her blog as she and her partner in crime supportive husband Jeff, made their way across the miles on whirlwind five week book tour where Sharon gave workshops, TV and radio appearances all the while visiting some amazing places and gathering friends along the way. I happily played the arm chair traveler as I waited for her weekly BLOG posts from various gardens, farms, and historical sites as they made their way to our neck of the woods CAPE COD ...

Finally it was our turn! Nicolette and I met Sharon and Jeff at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, MA yesterday at her last appearance of the tour.

It was if we were meeting with old friends. Kindred Spirits for sure! We also met up with dear friends  (and blogger ) Marcia ( in blue) of child in harmony . That's dear Sharon holding on to us in the middle!

Sharon shared with us her earliest memories of gardening with her grandmother ( the special lady who inspired her to do what she does) and why she is on a mission through her books and appearances to help adults and children re-connect with NATURE. You know, that big outdoor space beyond those four walls where the outlets live for the other " connections " we need in life...

Meeting Sharon and Jeff yesterday was both a highlight and a JOY of our summer! 

Whether you're a mother, an auntie, sister or grandmother make time to be in nature with or without a child. And if you are fortunate enough to have a child by your side, take them along with you and show them the beautiful ways of how life and living are inter-connected....Sharon's newest book will get you more than on your way with 130 wonder filled activities!

Gardening is Good Medicine~

Deborah Jean

PS. If you have an independent book store near you, give them your support... We need them to survive and thrive so we can continue to meet the many talented and inspiring author's and illustrator's of today!


Julia said...

I just discovered her books awhile ago. Wish they had been around for my girls. Good things grandbaby a starting to sprout! Next summer my grandson will be old enough to enjoy a bit of gardening with Nana.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

You are a sweetheart (as is Nicolette).

Thanks so much.



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