Friday, June 4, 2010

Magazine Rack RE-DO~

The COLOR inspiration for this little " planter project " came from, of all places, my egg collection bucket!

We just had new carpet installed which turned the living room upside down for a few days and brought out all the dust bunnies to boot! I brought the magazine rack outside to give it a quick rinse with the hose and thought, hey, that would make a cute planter! The RED egg bucket  just happened to be sitting on our patio table along with some plants I had picked up for our window box on the RED SHED. 

I love the apple red  especially when I look at it with the various greens of nature next to it. Red and Green are complete opposites on the color wheel. I love to use contrasting colors in decorating and in the garden.

THE PROJECT:   I was inspired to turn my once magazine rack into a pretty planter for our deck.

        Don't you just love how the green's POP against the APPLE RED?  

 Spray paint is the best when you are in the mood for a little instant gratification isn't it?

           I picked up some planter lining at a local nursery that fit just right into the magazine rack...

   I went digging behind the shed in the compost pile for some rich organic soil. Time to Plant!  I chose  Sweet Potato Vine because I love the green foliage and some tiny Snow in Summer annuals to sweeten the pot a little more! 

                   Hazel and Lacy Lou were a BIG help!

 This was a simple color- inspired creative recycling project for the garden! What do you have hanging around that you could re-invent? 

For more creative ideas for your garden pop over and visit my friend Shery at Reata Rose Ranch.

She's got some wunnerful, rusty and rustic re-do's happening in her garden on the prairie!  

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Julia said...

Adorable!!! I think spray paint is a wonderful invention!

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