Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cookies and Magic Carpet Rides

What do Christmas Cookies and Magic Carpet rides have to do with each other? 
I'll  let you in on a little secret...When our children were toddler's and too little to help out in the kitchen for any length of time with baking Christmas Cookies  I'd bring out my trusty magic carpet which I saved for only the most special of times...

I'd call out, " It's magic carpet time"  and they'd come running with pillows and toys filled to the brim with anticipation of another adventure on magic carpet.
  I would spread it out on the living room floor, provide each of them with a small bowl of snacks and a drink and they'd take it from there... It was make believe at it's best and it kept them entertained just long enough for me to finish up in the kitchen ~ most of the time...

In actuality our magic carpet was a large piece of fleece fabric with a bright red back ground and big friendly spiders on it...( I had purchased it for a Miss Spider's Tea Party reading at our local library)  It was the perfect inspiration for an outdoor adventure indoors or wherever a child's imagination can take them. 
Any old blanket or quilt will do!

 Just remember, when your cookies are all done don't forget to let the kids have a taste and roll up your Magic Carpet until next time! 
It works like a Charm ~ 

What sneaky I mean magical things do you do to keep your young one's occupied when you need some UN interrupted time? 

Happy Baking,
Deborah Jean 


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I will try it. They love, but rarely get, juice boxes, so that could be their treat on the carpet. I'll have to find one I can put in the wash! Thanks for sharing.


Zuzana said...

Oh, what an endearing and fun tale.;)) I have no young ones unfortunately around me.;))
Thank you for your lovely message yesterday, i assure the sentiments are mutual.;))

16 Sassy Street said...

As always, Deb, thank you for your kind words!!! Isn't it extra special when you and your mom work on a project together? :) My Mother and I do several projects together and we always have so much fun!

Your cookies look yummy! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

16 Sassy Street said...

What a wonderful idea with the magic carpet! I love that imaginative fun! I bet your children are very creative. I wonder if it work with my 18 year old son - hee hee :)

Unknown said...

Wouldn't that be a hoot Lisa! :)

Zuzana, thank you! So glad you enjoyed our little tale.. a little MAGIC MUST be made each day!

Julia said...

Good idea! I will be spending Christmas eve with my daughter baking up a storm, and we will have a 2 year old to keep occupied till its time to decorate cookies and the gingerbread house. A magic carpet...Hmmmm.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

LOVE this dear Deb. Magic Carpet is perfect for the kids (and me).

I spent six hours today baking marshmallow/sugar cookie snowmen (see Scattering Lupines blog in my side bar) anyhow, Sara May and I worked all day long and we're both beat to the bones.

Sending love and yes, we're getting there!

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