Thursday, December 16, 2010



 As Christmas day grows closer we are all trying to figure out how we will fit everything in. Traditions, old and new, shopping, parties, and cherished time with family too. Instead of posting a project or recipe today I  decided  to share these words written just days ago from my Aunt Nan.  The writing gods have been speaking quite regularly to her offering  up timely words we can all enjoy! Today I give you...


It’s time for friends to gather,
And to hang the mistletoe.
It’s time to hear the choir,
And for sleighing in the snow.

It’s time to recall memories,
And to read the children stories.
It’s time to make a wish list,
For the precious girls and boys.

It’s time to dress up fancy,
Put on your Sunday clothes.
It’s time to wrap the presents,
All tied up with Christmas bows.

It’s time to have an eggnog,
And toast this blessed season.
When all the love shows on your face,
Look around…you know the reason.

So I raise a glass to you my dears,
May your Christmas wish come true.
I know that I’m blessed tonight,
Just being here with you.

December 5, 2010
Karen J. Dixon
The Apple House

Keep that Christmas Cheer going... we are almost there! And for an extra bit of fun round' your holiday table, print this poem and share it with your loved ones! 
Deborah Jean 


Anonymous said...

Hi are so sweet. Thank you for sharing my Christmas Wish!
Love, Nan

Zuzana said...

This was beuatiful, I can see you feel very inspired by your aunt.;))

Unknown said...

Thank you Aunt Nan for brightening my little ole blog with your fun and cheerful heart-felt words this holiday season! Can we look forward to more?
I hope so!
Love and hugs,

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