Sunday, December 5, 2010


Dear Friends, 

As the first weekend in December comes to a close it's occurred to me I'd best get busy if I'm going to have the sort of Creative Christmas I'm encouraging you all to have!

As I type, we are smack dab in the middle of a long awaited (albeit ) modest kitchen remodel

 and a DIY rock wall project with re-claimed granite slab pieces for the patio.

 I've got the last of the pumpkin cooking in the oven to freeze for holiday pumpkin pie,

and a half started Christmas list for my ( not so little anymore ) elves and my big one too! 

We still do snail mail Christmas Cards so add that to my ever growing list and you'll begin to see where this post is leading. 

I'm looking forward to slooooow cooking and down time with my family and friends. I'd like to say it will be simple and easy, but who am I kidding? Some holiday chaos is half the fun! 

There's no doubt I'll be dreaming up new CREATIVE HOME ARTS IDEAS for you 
during my holiday respite and since this is the season of GIVING... 

I would LOVE to know,

 What WOULD YOU LIKE to see more of from DANDELION HOUSE home arts next year
from the kitchen, garden, school room, writers desk and workshop?
~ Thank you all for an inspiring year of blogging friendship and  fun ~

  I'm wishing you a most
and all Joys and Magic of the season 
with those you hold most dear. 

Deborah Jean 


Zuzana said...

I am so behind everything this year.;)) But I enjoy every single preparation and I love this time of the year.;)
I am one of your recent followers, thus I enjoy everything I have read so far and my suggestions are scarce.;))
Wishing you a creative December and a safe and happy Holiday Season to you and yours.;)

Anonymous said...

Well've inspired me to get my tree us this week!! I'm headed out to get it now!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

You KNOW I love it all. I tend to like blogs that drift around and touch on all the writer's passions. Yours does just that. Don't change!

Love Nicolette's drawing,


16 Sassy Street said...

Pretty little game pieces! What a cute and playful idea! Thanks for always sharing your multi-talented ideas! That is what makes your blog interesting... many talents.

I would love to see photos of the brick in your kitchen! Did you create the faux brick yourself?

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