Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sewing Seeds a Plenty with my Garden Dibbles!

Don't you just love the first few days of late spring when the temperatures finally warm up and the leaves are bursting out with all of their might? All that green and the sweet scent of " dirt" is enough to get this farmgirl dancing a jig all day! I'm excited to be getting my annual seeds planted over the next few days and I'm even more thrilled because I get to try out my garden dibbles! 
These aren't just any old garden dibbles. They are hand carved out of reclaimed bits of wood fashioned by Rob of Bepa's Organic Garden Blog.

Below is the larger dibble, perfect for large seeds like peas, sunflowers and small bulbs like onions, garlic and summer flowering bulbs such as Crocosmia Lucifer. I guess they are red as the devil aren't they?

I planted them alongside the orange and yellow dahlias. Imagine them in bouquets together with some purple or  blue to calm things down a little.

Oh, aren't we going to have fun watching things come up together? 

Are you planting annals this season? Do tell! 

Rob has his Heirloom quality Dibbles for sale in his Etsy Shop! Go grab a couple for this season and many more to come!

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Unknown said...

It's my favourite time of year!! Every day there's something new popping out of the ground.

Love your wooden dibblers.

Junebug said...

I have to find me a dibble!!! I've been planting a lot of annuals but I still have more to go. I'm on a mini vacation to Central OR. so the rest will have to wait. I've luck out and hear we've had a shower at home so my new planting got a drink. Oh, I can't wait for my cutting garden to be in full bloom. Love, love flowers in the house!

ferne said...

I won one from their blog and used it to plant my strawberries this year. They are as useful as they are beautiful!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I've been using my dibble a lot lately! Sure does come in handy :) I think every gardener should have at least one!

Lisa Lynn said...

Beautiful dibbles :) Lovely seeds! Thanks so much for sharing on The Creative HomeAcre!
Hope to see you again tomorrow at:

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