Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gifts from the Chicken Coop~ Just in time for Easter

If you keep chickens, even a small flock, those farm fresh eggs will soon be taking up valuable storage space in your frig. Backyard chickens keepers can go from zero fresh eggs by the end of winter to multiple cartons in a few short weeks after the arrival of spring. That's why I love to gussy up a few cartons of eggs and give them away to family and friends on Easter Sunday.

I know Easter colors are usually soft and pastel-y but I just love traditional farm-y red and white gingham. So off I went to my local Michael's Craft Store to gather supplies!

One roll of red and white wired ribbon, ( any width )

small little yellow rose buds ( with floral wire attached for easy assembly)  and

 brown paper gift tags ( any color or size )

Oh, and fresh eggs of course!!!

 The possibilities are endless for what you could use to gift wrap a carton of eggs. 

Sh. Don't  tell my mom about the eggs! I want to surprise her!

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