Saturday, March 17, 2012

A SPECIAL Saturday Scenes with Boz

  Welcome to a SPECIAL Saturday Scenes~with Boz

A while back I asked my dearly beloved if he would share his story about how he came to love photography. I'm pleased to say he has agreed! While it's true that I look at his work through the lens of love, I'm not the only one who appreciates his art. He has a way of capturing the essence of the landscape or an image through his great eye for composition and the way he " lights " his images with the natural rays of the sun. Not only is his work beautiful, it's inspiring and heartfelt too. It gives me great pleasure to give you a more " in depth " look at him today!
Without further adieu, here's Boz! 

It was my Grandmother who introduced me to the world of photography since my parents did not own a “still” camera. My Grandmother lived with us off-and-on for much of my childhood and It was not her photography but, rather, the camera itself that first drew my attention. She had a simple Brownie of no great quality but there was something about the texture of the smooth, bakelite body and the magic of looking through the viewfinder of the camera that intrigued me.  My older brother eventually inherited the Brownie and naturally I had to have a camera too. My parents presented me with a Kodak 124 Instamatic camera (which I still own) on my 11th birthday but I was not “instantly” hooked.  Although it offered greater convenience than the Brownie, the Instamatic did not have the same eye appeal and the pictures that it took were of moderate quality. It used Kodak 126 film cartridges and a flash cube that rotated each time the camera was wound to allow four flashes per cube. The flash worked intermittently at best and there was no budget for flash cubes so most of my photographs were shot in the natural light of the outdoors. For that matter, there was a limited budget for film and developing as well (a common theme until the advent of digital cameras).
To be continued...Boz

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