Thursday, March 22, 2012

Farmgirl Friday # 50 and Farmgirl Days

WOW! Welcome to week 50 of The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop !

Can I just say, how much I look forward to this time we have together each week?
  If I were Carol Burnett I'd be pulling on my ear right now!  ( Don't tell me I'm the only one old enough to remember her pulling on her ear at the end of each show )  

It's such a joy to visit your blogs each week. Even if I don't always comment, rest assured I am reading! I love seeing the supportive, encouraging and talented forum we have built together. Thanks  to all of you who " link up " each week rain or shine! We are blessed to have each-other to learn and grow with!

 If this is your first time here, I know I speak for all of us when I say WELCOME! 

Forsythia buds ready to burst
 Spring has sprung here along the south coast of New England. Things are budding and blooming in the gardens already! 

 The record highs we've had for the last two days ( today is 77 ) are more than a little intoxicating to this farmgirl at heart! We've worked halfway through our April Garden Chores list already! As I type, Boz is out purchasing the wood for the raised-beds in the Backyard Flower Farm ( wait till you see his idea for incorporating  " scrap stone tiles " into the design)  mulch is ordered, shed has been cleared and cleaned and tools are at the ready!

 The Little Red Hen House is spic and span, the run has been turned over and more "black gold " has been set aside for the new garden beds.

 I crawled inside the coop after I swept out all of the shavings and cleaned the windows for the girls! 
Chestnut told me she looks forward to this all winter!
 I love the smell of fresh pine shavings floating in the air as I lift the lid on the nesting boxes to collect fresh eggs on a warm spring day.

Liza Jane is always first in line for a peak at the outside world. She's such a nosy girl!  

 The Cottage Hens are in full swing in the egg laying department!

 I love the variety of colors our Easter Egg'r chickens lay! 

I couldn't help but think of Tasha Tudor surrounded by her many beloved Corgis today as I raked the last of the fall leaves out of the largest gardens.

 Put down that rake and let's play ball mom !
Max doesn't like me to work when I'm outside. He only has one thing on his mind. I wonder if Tasha's' Corgis followed her around with balls too?

Lady Banks climbing rose
 We've got to grab this glorious weather it while its' here. It's supposed to be cooler with possible rain this weekend. That's okay. It'll be great for the new sprouts that are peaking out of the ground. 

Whats new in your farmgirl/boy world this week? Tell us on the hop! 

 1.) Write a post about your farmgirl lifestyle and brag a little about your farmgirl talents while your at it! Share what being a farmgirl means to you. Include lots of photos of your farm, crafts, animals, quilts, home decor projects and thrifty make overs, your backyard garden, chicken coop, recipes, studio or workshop. You get the idea!

2). Leave your entry in the Mr. Linky space to your Farmgirl Friday post.

 3). Please include the Farmgirl Friday button ( or link back here ) in your post and remember to share this hop with all of your blogging friends!

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