Saturday, March 24, 2012

SPECIAL Saturday Scenes with Boz continued...


A Saturday Scene for your enjoyment~ with Boz 

If you missed last weeks Special Saturday Scene go here for part 1 of  Boz's story about his introduction into photography and how he was hooked from the first shot!
Part 2~
I took pictures with my Kodak 124 sporadically throughout childhood but was not inspired beyond the simple record-keeping aspect of the craft. The day before entering the Air Force I borrowed my brother-in-law’s Canon SLR and shot a full roll of film at the beach. This was the first 35mm camera that I had held and I knew that I would have to own one. It was one of those spectacular mid-September days without a breath of wind. The cloudless sky and still ocean were matching shades of blue and the morning sun cast a warm light from just the right angle. My father was anxious to re-shingle one side of our cottage but I made him wait while I climbed to the top of the lighthouse and took pictures from the outside railing. Years later I enlarged and mounted three shots from that morning in a panorama that now adorns my office wall. The blue sea and sky, the red roof shingles, the autumn gold creeping into the green marsh grass, the white beach sand… I am instantly transported back in time 33 years to that morning. The photography bug bit me that day and I have been infected ever since.
To be continued...

As always, thanks for looking and have a great weekend! Get out with your camera if you can and capture a scene of your own!

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