Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Finery ~ show off YOUR best Fall blog posts

I hope you'll forgive me for using the F- word in this post. I've been biting my tongue for days trying not to say it out loud but I just can't keep it in any more! FALL is right around the corner and it's my all time favorite season to boot! I haven't done a lick of seasonal decorating yet because I'm still up to my eyeballs ( literally) in yard flowers. But, I know she's a comin' and I  think it would be fun to focus our next few Farmgirl Fridays on everything Fall.What do you say sisters? 

 Let's get gussied up for fall together! Here's how we'll do it...

Bring us your BEST FALL food and decorating posts and I'll highlight a few each week along the way. Plus, I've got a surprise FALL giveaway coming SOON!

If you're all ready to go with a fantabulous fall post now, link up to this weeks Farmgirl Friday blog hop or start planning ahead next week's hop!

See you in the corn-maze!

Deborah Jean, Deb, Debbie

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