Monday, September 10, 2012

With Her Own Two Hands

You know the old saying, " If you want something done right, let your mother do it!" Oh, wait that's not it. Well, anyway my mom came for a visit over the weekend to get some Grammy love and to gather more inspiration for her flower paintings. I still have an abundance of blooms to spare so we scooted out to the garden where she snipped to her hearts content. Having fresh flowers is a summer ritual she has gotten very used SPOILED to. 
Just one of the many joys of growing a cut flower garden is being able to share the beauty!  

  It's only early September and much too early for pumpkins if you ask me. If you still have flowers in your garden why not consider bringing a simple back to school bouquet for your child's teacher or child care provider, coach, dance instructor etc. Fresh, local flowers are always a good gift idea!

 I'm looking forward to incorporating more dried seed pods and faded foliage into my fall arrangements but the cut flower garden is still beaming with bright colors.  Now, now, I warned you we'd be in ' house flowers' for a while so no complaining...Ya hear? :) You have my permission to click away right here if you just can't stand another flower photo!

 Here's a peak at what's still in bloom in the cutting garden! 

The dahlias~

Most of the dahlias I planted get 4-5 feet tall and become very top heavy while in the heavy bloom stage ( which is mid August until the first frost ) I've had to stake them several times each time using something taller and stronger. I started with bamboo stakes, but had to move up to 1x1 wooden stakes. I use natural jute twine to tie them up with.. It's gentle on the stocks and biodegradable.

The Zinnia beds are still bursting with blooms too!

And the winged visitors have slowed down. This is the only Monarch I've seen in a few days.

Mom had plenty to choose from as you can see...! Watching the enjoyment she got while creating her own bouquet gave me a couple of ideas for next years garden.

 I think I'll open the garden one day a week for a Cut and Carry Bouquet Day!
Wanna come?
I'm sharing this garden post with Heidi's Country Garden friends! 

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