Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Little Red School House
 Are your kids back to school or not back to school?  After homeschooling our two children for eleven years our youngest stepped onto a school bus for the first time as a freshmen in high school this year!  We had to sleep on it for nearly a year before making the final decision but as I sit here with my coffee in hand I can tell you with a happy heart that WE ( she and I ) were ready for the change. Today will be a day of many firsts for her and for me... While she's learning the combination to her locker, making new friends and meeting her teachers, I'll be learning new things too! I've got a college bound student still at home finishing out his home/high school education  and a bushel of tomatoes from the garden I need to do something with!

 Today I'm making my FIRST BATCH of homemade marinara sauce and our FIRST college visit is already on the calender! 
I'll squeeze in a few pages on my FIRST book titled " Yard Flowers "  and before I know it she'll be home.
 I can't wait to hear all about her FIRST day! Everything... good, bad or otherwise.
I'd better get the maters on to boil! 
Have a wonderful day friends!
Here's to FIRSTS!  

Tell me,  do you home school YOUR YOUNG'UNS or have you BEEN home-schooled? I'd love to hear how your FIRST days back are going too!

Love to all! 

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