Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Garden...

   Dear Garden, 
 I know, it's December and I should be getting excited about decorating and baking for Christmas ( I am) but I miss you! I celebrated the harvest and put you to bed like a good farmgirl. I never REALLY said goodbye though. I went out for my walk in the garden today and that's when it hit me. I am in mourning for your brilliant showy blooms, the endless colors, shapes and textures of your petals, and your sweet fragrance as I brush by.  As I walked around the garden today I couldn't help but feel as if last years garden season was all a dream. A vision of beauty and a deep satisfaction that took hold of the very core of my being from the start. I'll admit, I feel a little lost without you! After all, we were the best of buddies day in and day out for months. I promised to feed and care for you and you agreed to grow to the best of your ability. I think we both held up our ends of the deal don't you?
My memories and images of you will have to suffice until we meet again in the light and warmth of early spring.

 Dormant and deprived of life you are still an inspiration and a symbol of hope for the future...I promise not to pine away the rest of the winter over you... Besides, we've got our work cut out for us next year! 
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