Monday, December 17, 2012

My Slow, SIMPLE and Green Christmas

 Howdy friends! Who-o-o says it's only eight days until Christmas! That's okay. We'll be ready! Maybe it's the fact that our kids are teens and the pressure to be out in the thick of it to make sure Christmas comes off without a hitch is off. Or, maybe it's just that I'm not a huge fan of  the commercialism of Christmas. Even the kids are more laid back!  All I know is in years past I've given in to the temptation to try and make Christmas much bigger and more than it really ought to be. This year, I'm taking things slow. In fact, I think this might be our slowest Christmas to date!  I haven't even mailed out our Christmas cards yet but my shopping ( what little we did ) and online ordering is done! CHECK! Our mantra for this year is slow, SIMPLE and green with an emphasis on choosing gifts that will be useful and valuable the whole year through! In our house that can be anything from a favorite perfume, to personalized artwork, finishing a project or promissory notes for time well spent over the coming months. I once designed an office makeover for my hubby as a Christmas gift and we spent the next couple of years bringing it to fruition! Hey, we work slow around here!  Personal, practical and homemade with love always satisfy! 
I love this time of year for cooking slow Sunday suppers, movie nights and popcorn, and all the family time we can squeeze in with our two teens in between getting them to and from work, school and music classes
 The SIMPLE part of this years planning is well, not OVER planning, OVER baking, or OVER spending which ties in nicely to the GREEN part of this post. I didn't go crazy on buying decorations this year nor did I put out everything we have. Instead, I opted for a less is more approach to our holiday decorating.  

 I'm learning that ( and doing ) less doesn't mean going without! It frees up time for doing other things ( or nothing at all )   and makes the whole season feel less hurried. And, in no way does it dampen the magic of Christmas of shining through.

Here's a peak at my farm-girl red FARM pantry all dolled up with fake greens, scallop shell lights, deer antlers, and a few of our favorite gathered over the years.

I love the contrast of bright lights and glitter with earthy greens and pine cones.

Bright red Berries always add a festive touch to greens whether on garlands, wreaths or in natural holiday arrangements.

Even though most of my garlands and wreathes are faux greens I still wanted to bring some of the outdoors in so I created a from the wild arrangement with cuttings from our winter garden, a special holly tree from the woods behind my mother in laws house and some pretty berries I picked up at Trader Joes. I used an Anchor Hocking large glass jar for the vase and tied a little burlap around the top for some added earthiness...How many of you use a mix of fake and real greens?


That's all for today friends! I'll share more of my Cape Cod Christmas decorating this week! 

  My heart is heavy after the tragic act of violence that sent ripples of shock, fear and hopelessness through our homes, our nation, our world.

 We are thinking of our Dandelion House friends and families as we try and move a head with the holidays after the devastating events in Connecticut last week. 

 We are praying for the victims and survivors and that you are ALL safe at home with your loved ones. 

"The sky may be overcast today with clouds, but a fervent prayer to God is enough to dispel them."  
~ Mohandas Gandhi

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