Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bloomin' Sunday

Mum's Dogwood
Happy Mother's Day to all my Dandelion House Moms! 

 These beautiful blooms from my mother in law's 60 year old Dogwood tree.
My hubby cuts a few branches from this tree every year  for his mother and me on Mother's Day. To me these blooms are so much more meaningful than any hot house grown roses from across the country or another country for that matter. Although, I wouldn't turn em down if they came knockin at my door! :) I've never met a flower I didn't like.

She also has a huge white lilac bush out behind her farmhouse. 

I altered this image in Picasa just for fun but I wanted you to see how neat they look in a this cut glass pitcher...It's tall and sturdy enough to hold several small branches loaded with blooms and provides enough water to keep the arrangement looking fresh for at 4 or five days.

This arrangement is much cooler... ( in temperature ) White dogwood blossoms and tiny apple-blossoms set off the deep purple lilac and the cobalt blue vase grounds the composition so you can marvel at each tiny blossom. Can I just tell you that the smell is out a this world!!!

Don't be afraid to go snip your spring blooming trees and shrubs. They make  the most wild  looking arrangements.

I hope you're all enjoying a day of love and rest with your families... 

I think I'm ready for my nap! 



Country Gal said...

All so very pretty to ! Happy Mothers Day !

Candy C. said...

What lovely arrangements! I never think of using the trees and bushes for cut flowers.
Happy Mother's Day Deb! :)

daisy g said...

What a thoughtful gift. Hope you enjoyed your day.


Those are all beautiful Deb!

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