Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 I don't know about you, but I think there's something absolutley magical about watching plants clamor up arbors, fence posts, trellises, garden teepees and even other plants! 
No matter the size of your plot, vertical gardening benefits both gardener and plants.

There are too many flowering vines and climbing roses to mention in one little ole garden post so I'm just going to show off a few plants that are " growing up" in my garden this summer.  I purchased sevaral bamboo teepees a few years back and they're holding up pretty well!

"I spray painted them black for a little garden drama... I like how the bright green of the leaves contrasts against the darkness of the black paint."

 I have one 4x8 bed filled with three types of  climbing beans. Scarlet Runners, Royal Burgundy and Roma 11.

Plus, I planted a long row of Edamame in front of the trellises. I'm hoping to make some homemade hummus using my harvested Edamame beans!

Slicing cucumbers also love to climb and will take up much less room in your garden beds if you give something reach for the sky on! I planted one slicing cuke plant right in the middle of my summer squash and eggplant this year and so far we've harvest two very large cukes with many more on the vine!

I love this little baby cucumber just beginning to form on the vine. 
Watching a garden " grow up " is such an inspiring thing to do!

Even these volunteer morning glories are happy winding their way through the openings in my chicken run fence.
 Happy plants make a happy and healthy garden and gardener!

Don't you agree? 
What's  " growing up" in your garden this summer? 
I'd love to hear about them and any tips too!

The Dandelion Lady!

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