Monday, July 14, 2014

The Soundtrack of My Life...

 Do you ever wonder what life is really like behind the scenes of your blogging buddies? I do! I don't mean which rooms aren't being featured, or where the laundry pile is stashed. I'm talking about the heartbeat behind what drives us to create and share. The motivation and inspiration that fuels us to keep an open heart, our eyes pointed towards beauty,our ears tuned to the extraordinary and our desire to share it with the world!

 If you were to drop by here on any given day you would probably find me busy writing, cleaning house, tending the garden, paying bills, taking shots for my blog and tending the chickens and max. My hair might or might not be tended to, my teeth might or might not be brushed and the toilets may or may not be scrubbed. That's what you would SEE.

 Some days are quiet, peaceful and nature is my soundtrack, but more often than not it's music, sweet music that's playing in the background of all of my days. 

Both of our children are music artists. Aspiring music artists. Our son is a hip hop artist and our daughter is a singer songwriter. Some days they work together on music. Most days I hear loud thumping and rapping coming from one room and piano music coming from another. They inspire me to be fearless in my creativity and in living life.

I love it when the heartbeat of our home gets pumping with the sound of music!

Today, I'm happy to share with you our daughters first recorded cover on you-tube! She gave me permission to share it with you and I'm so glad she did.
She's singing " Stay With Me" by Sam Smith 
It's a beautiful song and I hope you enjoy her version of it. 
Thanks for listening... 

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