Friday, July 18, 2014

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 166 and FARM FRESH Flowers

Howdy friends and welcome back to your favorite farmgirl stomping grounds.
You may recognize this way too cute Flower Market Cart from my Facebook page and Farmgirl Chit-Chat. I fell head over heals in love with it and then I shared it so much that another farmgirl friend recognized it and pointed me directly to the maker of this genius flower cart. That's how I met  farm mama, blogger, seamstress, home builder and flower farmer, 
Dori of  The Red Feedsack and Farm Fresh. blogs.
I'm so excited to introduce you to her today! 

Here's one of her angels in a darling dress she made. Love the braids and the sweet little covered button at the top f the dress.  And, that print is just oozing farmgirl charm!

Here's one of Dori's Farm Fresh bouquets.They are so beautiful and vibrant!  And, the label adds the perfect finishing touch!

Dori, if you're reading today, I want you to know you have inspired me to move forward with my dream to sell my cut flowers! I'll be fashioning a  FARM STAND stand for my front yard just in time to start cutting my zinnias, sunflowers and dahlias! 
Thank you for the beauty and inspiration you share on both of your blogs! It's simply delightful! Do you mind telling us where you had your adorable labels printed? 

You can read all about how Farm Fresh came to be in Dori's column called Monthly Moo's! And learn how she and her husband built their beautiful farmhouse in the rolling hills of Tennessee from the ground up! 

Be sure to follow both blogs to keep up with all of the Farm Fresh Goodness happenings! 

 Inspired yet? There's more to come on the hop!

Be sure to stop by Big Sky Acres to see Debbie's ( aka Farmgirl Unleashed) beautiful blooms too! She resurrected them from a week of neglect ( while she was away bonding with her NEW grandson Arlo)  and they're glorious!

Time to link up for your weekly fix'n of farmgirl soul-food!
Tis' the season of plenty and there is so much to celebrate! Share the bounty here!
 Crafting, cooking, canning, chickens, gardening, farming, and just plain farmgirln' around!

What's bloomin' at your place? 

As always, we thank you for your participation in the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! 

Put Down Some Roots And BLOOM!

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