Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beggar's Night

Happy All Hallow's Eve... or Beggar's Night as it's referred to here in Massachusetts! 
It is said that All Hallow's Eve was originally a Celtic tradition that celebrated the end of Harvest Season and arrival of Old Man Winter with a festival!  A time to prepare for the darker, longer days ahead. 
We homemakers know that feeling all to well...October isn't just for trick or treating! It's the month we spend clearing the cobwebs INSIDE! We freshen linens and bedding, stock the pantry, clean out the frig, empty closets and make sure everyone has appropriate winter wear. Boots, coats, hats and gloves come out for inspection and we bring out the throws for cuddling under on family movie night! I LOVE this time of year don't you? 
Our teens no longer trick or treat. Now a  day's they gather at friends houses to " party " with candy and Chinese take out. As for me, I dusted off my favorite witches hat and I'm ready for the neighborhood ghosts and goblins.  I'm expecting a lot of zombies at our door this year inspired by the Walking Dead Series and video games.
Be safe and enjoy this very special time of year when home becomes  your winter haven once gain. 
What  special things do you do to cozy things up for the winter at your house?

 For a more in depth HALLOWEEN history account visit this fun link!

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