Saturday, October 5, 2013

Under a Blanket of Leaves

 Can you feel it? I can... Winter is closer than you think! The farmers almanac says we are in for a bitterly cold winter this year and while I hope they are wrong about the temperature there's no denying that fall is in full swing. Especially here along the south coast of New England. I've been keeping an eye on my trees this week for changes in color and falling leaves. I swear in just a few days the trees over our shed and hen house turned and began to fall creating a blanket of leaves on the ground, the roof of the shed and the chicken run!  When I looked our our bedroom window this morning it looked as if our shed was wearing a rather ill- fitting wig of fallen leaves! The chicken wire over the run gathers leaves and creates a faux roof as well. I like to think this makes the girls feel nice and cozy in their fall nest with a blanket of leaves overhead.

 Our neighborhood has grown quiet over the years as the children have grown up and out of " playing" in the yard. These days they congregate out on the street at the hoop after school and on the weekends in-between work and socializing. I don't mind the quiet though. The leaves crackle as I walk inside the run to visit with the girls. Liza Jane ( who has taken over the roll of head hen since Lacy Lou passed ) is always the first to come and greet me. I think she must have had the bottom bunk last night because her head and neck are speckled with  something white and it's NOT her feathers! Well, I'm just saying...

As I rounded the corner of the shed I found the rest of the gang having some quiet time under the trees.

We sat under the blanket of leaves together and had a nice visit...
It was so tranquil sitting there.  Even the girls seemed to understand the beauty of the moment as they cooed and clucked quietly back to me. I've cleared the cobwebs out of the hen house and laid in a fresh bale of shavings for added warmth. The girls have just about finished molting and they're ready for a long, relaxing vacation from laying an egg a day!  I wish I could send them on a tropical vacation... Hmm.
Can't you just see them in their polka dot bikinis and sun hats sipping scorpions on the beach? 
They ARE the Cottage Hens after all! 

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