Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SMART GIFT IDEAS~ Organic Emergency Food

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Akkakk.
Leave it to Sister # 1 MaryJaneButters to come up with the smartest gift idea of the year, maybe even the decade. You know she writes books and publishes her own magazine, runs a wall tent B n B on her farm, has her very own farm store, and invented the glamping movement  that's now afoot across the nation. Any or all of which would make any Farmgirl at heart jump straight out of her cowgirl boots for joy. But, it's Mary Jane's Organic Backpacking Food that sits prominently at the top of my list for the smartest gift idea ever. It just makes sense. Let's face it. The last few years have been challenging to say the least in the weather department. I know many of you are already well schooled in emergency preparedness and are miles ahead of the mass majority with stocked freezers, pantries, back up generators and off- grid homesteads. All that's missing are a few packets of MaryJanes Organic Backpacking food on your shelves to round out your food storage supply.  Just add fresh hot water, and grab a bowl and a spoon for an easy and healthy lunch or dinner!

 If you know Mary Jane, you know it's not all about her! Even though she's seen most of her farmgirl dreams to fruition it brings her the greatest joy knowing others are following their BIG FARMGIRL DREAM TOO. She's even provided a place where you can chat about it with other kindred souls.
The Farmgirl Connection is your place to gather and gab with friends and sisters across the miles who are already living their life on a farm whether it be city, rural, mountain, mountain, ranch or beach.
If you're the kind of gal who likes a reward for your hard work and play you'll love the Farmgirl Sisterhood...  You can earn merit badges for your completed activities from the garden, kitchen, barn, outpost, community, and craft room! Join now and get FREE SHIPPING on orders 50.00 or more.

 From Sister # 1.

Having good, just-add-water, nutritious and EDIBLE organic food on hand with a 15-year shelf life is the smartest gift you can give this year. And if you order in the next 48 hours, we'll give you $25 off on a purchase of at least $200 and $50 off on a purchase of $300 or more. We're here waiting for your call during business hours, 888-750-6004 or online at MaryJanesFarm Product Shop. (Choose Mylar from the available options.) For your discount, use the promo code: HELP "

 PS. I don't get a red cent for sharing all of this with you, ( nor would I want one ). I just love sharing all things MaryJanesFarm with you!!! You know I love my MaryJane!!! She just plain good for us!!!

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Country Gal said...

Sounds like fun , I will have to check out this Mary Jane site !Thanks for featuring and sharing with us . Have a good day !

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