Thursday, January 10, 2013

Growing Zinnias

 Even though we have barely set foot into the new year I think it's the perfect time to get started on planning ahead for the next years cut flower gardens. Last year I grew two large beds of  Cut and Come again Zinnia and couldn't have been more pleased with how well they did. Now that I know how easy they are to grow I'm ready to branch out and grow some new varieties this year!
 I'm interested in heirloom varieties so I'll be ordering from

Pink Senorita Zinnia
Meteor Zinnia

I love large showy flowers... Why settle for tiny blooms when you can grow big beautiful blooms just as easily? The Meteor Zinnia grows up to 5 inches across. This one will surely be a show stopper in the garden and the vase. 

Lilac Emporer Cactus- Flowered Zinnia

I love the way the petals go this way and that on the Cactus flower variety. This one promises to be at least 6 inches across!

Orange King Zinnia
A butterfly and bee magnet! 

 Growing Zinnias

Zinnias don't really like being started early in the greenhouse... They much prefer being directly sewn in well drained organic soil in direct sun as soon as the danger of the last frost has passed. 
Once they have germinated and begin to grow keep an eye out for slugs and other leaf chewing insects who love to dine on fresh new greens! 
Treat any issues with Sluggo a non toxic Slug and Snail Bait. Safe for use around pets and children.
Once your zinnias are growing and blooming they only need a deep watering once a week.  To keep those bloom coming all summer and into the fall, feed every 2-3 weeks with any organic plant and flower food of your choice. I went with an organic plant food liquid that I could dilute and easily apply from a 2 gallon water jug.

Here's to the lovely Zinnia Flower! 


Faith said...

I love the Zinnia's so vibrant and vintage...I have kept some seeds from last years blossoms, and will be starting them next month, I hope they lovely in the garden, and NO
is not ever to early to talk garden...I ordered some heirloom tomatoe plants from Burpee today, they will deliver in my zone right on time. Each year I try something different.. I've tried the seeds but they don't take off after transplanting, and are often wiry..So
I'm thinking garden right along with you today.

Nancy said...

Love, love love Zinnias!! Thanks for your was inspiring to read and look at while in January. I like the big flowers, but don't have a lot of space to grow them in...I guess I'll have to find a spot. I also like Candy Cane Zinnias and Cherry pretty!

Country Gal said...

They are all so lovely . Wonderful photos . I am planning what to put in my flower gardens now to and planning our raised veggie garden . Looking forward to all things new in the coming year ! Have a good day !

Sandy said...

One of my favorite flowers and I'm sorry to
say I just can't grow them in my yard.. too
much sand out there..
Thanks for your visit and I'm really hoping
you and your family are feeling better from
the flu bug that has knocked on your door.
Take care

Blondie's Journal said...

Thank you so much for your tips. I usually mix zinnias in with my pots but I would love to plant a bed of them. My grandfather loved them, too, and they bordered his entire backyard. It was gorgeous!

Have you ever tried Renee's for heirloom seeds? Her website is wonderful!


Sunny Simple Life said...

They are one of my favorite all time flowers. They reseed well here too which is a bonus.

Zuzana said...

Happy New Year, I am back online.;) We are moving to a new house in a month and this was inspirational for my new garden; which comes with a little cute greenhouse.;)

Farmgirl Heidi said...

Hello Deb! I love your flower images. I look forward to seeing your amazing flower garden again next summer. You are inspiring me to get out and plan my garden... Hugs!


P.S. I love Baker Creek Heirlooms. Most of my veggie garden seed came from them and I've never been happier.

Amy @ Just Being Me said...

I love growing Zinnias in the summertime! They are so easy to grow and definitely the reward shows. I have never ordered from Baker Creek, but my plans are to order everything from them this year. I may even try to make their weekend event in MO in May.

Hope you will share photos of your Zinnias this summer!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The orange king is beautiful, we have butterflies just that color on our butterfly weed. I was never sure if the flowers gave them the color or it was just coincidence. I want to plant even more this season. As I recall, you have a huge bed of them.

Chenille Cottage said...

I love zinnias. They remind me so much of my Gramma. She always grew them and had them in vases on her kitchen window sill.
Thanks for sharing these sweet and intricately detailed beauties.
Carolynn xx

Greg and Donna said...

Seeing your beautiful flowers is inspiring me! I want to have some more flowers this year and will be excitedly looking at seed packets!

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