Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Little Red School House
 Are your kids back to school or not back to school?  After homeschooling our two children for eleven years our youngest stepped onto a school bus for the first time as a freshmen in high school this year!  We had to sleep on it for nearly a year before making the final decision but as I sit here with my coffee in hand I can tell you with a happy heart that WE ( she and I ) were ready for the change. Today will be a day of many firsts for her and for me... While she's learning the combination to her locker, making new friends and meeting her teachers, I'll be learning new things too! I've got a college bound student still at home finishing out his home/high school education  and a bushel of tomatoes from the garden I need to do something with!

 Today I'm making my FIRST BATCH of homemade marinara sauce and our FIRST college visit is already on the calender! 
I'll squeeze in a few pages on my FIRST book titled " Yard Flowers "  and before I know it she'll be home.
 I can't wait to hear all about her FIRST day! Everything... good, bad or otherwise.
I'd better get the maters on to boil! 
Have a wonderful day friends!
Here's to FIRSTS!  

Tell me,  do you home school YOUR YOUNG'UNS or have you BEEN home-schooled? I'd love to hear how your FIRST days back are going too!

Love to all! 


Jenny said...

I hope she has a good year. I was homeschooled (way back in the early days) and it was a good experience for me. I know how much work homeschool mom's put in and how hard it can be.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jenny! :)

Country Gal said...

Home schooling didn't really exist here unless you were Amish or Mennonite in my day and still really doesn't . Most kids ,like myself went to school .Our kids went to school . I do hope she has a great year and makes lots of friends ! I bet your marinara sauce will be wonderful . I am creating my own recipe book for my country kitchen from recipes my mum made when I was a kid on our hobby farm ! Everything from breads to pickling ! I am planning a raised veggie garden for next spring as well . Papa is going to build it for me. I am trying to get back to home grown and home made, my roots ! Have a wonderful day !

Unknown said...

Hi Country Gal! You are such a peach! Thanks so much for the nice note...Sauce is cooking Your cookbook sounds terrific and I bet you'll have so much fun putting it together! Good luck with your garden plans too! Enjoy the day!

Clint Baker said...

I bet that was like sending them away to college? How are you doing?

Unknown said...

It WAS sort of like that Clint... I'm doing okay thanks...:) She is ready for this change and I'm happy for her! New doors opening are always exciting!
How's your crew?

Rain said...

Wow what an incredible step for you-and her--but I suspect harder for you! I wish there was more home schooling when my girls were young-30 yrs ago-one would not have liked it-but my younger one would have done much better with it! Well- we do live and learn! Good luck with the college hunting-and I can smell that sauce boiling! I'm getting ready for a trip to West Virginia and Chickens in the Road retreat next week!! FUN and so excited !!
Rain :)

Lisa Lynn said...

Hi Deborah Jean,
It is wonderful that you have home schooled your children. I home school my son too. He is 17 now and has been taking college classes for the last year and a half. It made a huge difference in his self confidence to be able to stay home and develop at his own pace. Now he is taking a speech class and is getting ready for his first speech next week! Best of all, he wanted to take this class :) He is really doing great now. When we pulled him out of public school in 2nd grade he was actually talking about wanting to die at the end of a school day. It breaks my heart to remember how bad I let things get before taking the plunge into home education.

Best wishes for both of your children! Somehow they always know what is best for them :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rain!
So true, homeschooling isn't for every parent our child but it's a wonderful alternative to the other options!
Oh your retreat sounds fun! I've never heard of that before! Safe travels!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa Lynn,
Our son is almost 17 and the same holds true for him. Being able to go at his own pace has worked beautifully for him. He only has one speed anyway... his speed! LOL And I mean that in a GOOD way. :)
It's great that you heard his plea and took him out to home school him before permanent damage had a chance to set in. GOOD FOR YOU and him!
thanks for the visit!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Me too! After 17 years of homeschooling, daughter #3 started public school as a freshman too. Boy what a change for me. I think I am finally getting used to it.

Unknown said...

It is a change for sure!

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